Kubernetes is like other container orchestration platforms, except that it has many layers of abstraction built into it with the idea that these abstractions allow you more headroom to scale. The thing is that these abstractions make Kubernetes far, far more complex than the vast majority of organizations need to leverage. Bear with me for a minute... Kubernetes was built by Google to orchestrate its services. But your company is not Google and there are many more important problems on the road between your company and Google. You do what whatever you want, but I don't spend time solving problems I don't have. And we haven't even touched on the problems you're creating by introducing so many layers of abstraction into your environment. At some point, many of the folks using Kubernetes will hit its complexity like a brick wall. They may not be able to extricate themselves because of sunk cost. Fortunately for them, Docker Swarm is in a position to serve as a lifeline for these people to automate away much of the complexity around Kubernetes and bring their environment and orchestration back under their control again.